News Article – The BrightSide – October, 2011

Sign The Kids Up For Music!

Do you know that studying music has been proven to stimulate areas of the brain that foster understanding of language and math? Academic scores rise! According to a recent study of older individuals, music lessons in childhood years can even bring positive results in fending off age-related cognitive decline. The enjoyment that comes from playing the piano – basic to all other instruments - lasts a life time.

Students need to have a piano or touch sensitive keyboard on which to practice their skills. Practice time depends on the age, goal, and advancement of the student. Consistent, daily practice – and knowing how to practice – speeds the learning process.

Mrs. Karon Pittenger of Marietta Piano Lessons has been teaching piano to beginning through advanced children, youth, and adults for over thirty years. She holds both Bachelor and Masters Degrees in Music, and has had twenty-five years of teaching in public school music and many years of serving churches as choir director, pianist, and organist.

Mrs. Pittenger teaches piano in her home which is conveniently located between Dallas Hwy. and Macland Road (near Cheatam Hill Elementary School) in Marietta. Each thirty minute lesson consists of teaching proper finger technique, theory, notes, rhythms and harmonizations, musical directives, and interpretation. While her forte is classical music, she also enjoys teaching show tunes, light jazz, and popular music.

All non-adult students present full recitals in December and May. Many students star in talent shows and share their music with various community groups. Mrs. Pittenger’s greatest joy is to share her gift of music. She and her husband are active in their church, and have two grown sons, and three grandchildren. Visit her website at and call her at 770-590-5429 or 678-325-9380 for a free complimentary initial lesson today.